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”U.N.A.G.E. IASI ART RESIDENCY” functions within George Enescu National University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Iasi, Romania.

The main aim of ”U.N.A.G.E. IASI ART RESIDENCY”is to create various and complex cultural events in Iasi, by getting  in touch the artists-in-residence  with the students from George Enescu National University of Arts and also with the  local artists, in order to exchange ideas and to share experiences as for a future possible collaboration.


The artists in residency will work in the studios from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, George Enescu National University of Arts. The studio is for free.
The artists in residency will benefit from a part of art materials for free.


The artists in residency will eat either at Saint Nicholas Cafeteria which belongs to Metropolitan Cathedral or at Titu Maiorescu Cafeteria which belongs to Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. They are both located in the central area: the first one is located at 30 minutes walking or 10 minutes by bus or by tram from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and the second one at 10 minutes walking from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. The price for one meal is about 10 Lei (about 2 Euros).


The organiser of ”U.N.A.G.E. IASI ART RESIDENCY” will help artists to find a private accommodation room with shared bathroom and kitchen. The price is 250 Euros per month (including expenses).

More information is to be found on this link.

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Palace of Culture

Vasile Alecsandri National Theater

Moldova State Philharmonic

Opera House

Iasi Athenaeum

Botanical Garden

Copou Park

Known as The Cultural Capital of Romania, Iasi is a symbol in Romanian history, it is the second-largest city in Romania, after the national capital Bucuresti, and the seat of Iasi County. Located in the historical region of Moldavia, Iasi has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Romanian social, cultural, academic and artistic life. Iasi is one of the most important education and research centres of the country and its social and cultural life revolves around: “Palace of Culture”, “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater, “Moldova State Philharmonic”, “Opera House”, “Iasi Athenaeum”, “Botanical Garden” , “Central University Library”, the high quality cultural centres and festivals, an array of museums, memorial houses, religious and historical monuments.

Jamie Morgan

Residency period:25.09-08.10.2017

“Inner Shadows” exhibition is a collaboration with the American artist-in-residence Jamie Morgan which stands for a beautiful mixture between a series of paintings and a performance piece. This art exhibition brings to light the complexities of transition between one’s inner universe, crossing through the natural state of solitude, symbolized by the painted closed eyes, to the beginning of self-actualization in the outer universe, represented by the half-opened eyes. Jamie Morgan’s performance piece is a translation of all these paintings through her body movements; she confronts herself by looking at herself in the three pieces of mirrors and the whipping itself is the expression of her inner suffering so that at the end of the performance she gains her moral balance, by pouring on her body milk, considered to be a balm for soul.


Francesco Villicich

Residency period:05.10-31.10.2018


“Thanatopraxy” (the practice of death) exhibition reveals a state of meditation upon the ephemerality of this life which is expressed by the visual structures of the dead leaves and by the blurred landscapes of Iași. The title is based on the Greek term ,,Thanatos” which means death, the undeniable universal truth.

John Dillard

Residency period: 07.01-10.02.2019


“Da, Mulțumesc” multimedia exhibition combines performance, video-art and sculpture, all these pieces of art making refference to the difficulty of sending the message from sender to receiver, the artist’s desperate attempt to connect himself to a totally different environment.


Renzo Novelli

Residency period: 15.02-15.03.2019


 “Recuérdame/Amintește-mi” is a painting and drawing exhibition which reveals a series of facial expressions of unknown people, whose faces are drawn but balanced through the colour interventions.


Stephen Polatch

Residency period: 11.04-18.04.2019


“Drawings of Iasi” is a drawing exhibition which reveals a series of Iasi urban landscapes that are represented in various lines which betray sensitivity and also a good spirit of observation.


Amber Liberté

Residency period: 27.05-15.06.2019


“Pigeon Loops” relates to a variety of buildings in Iasi of historical, political and social importance. After some deliberation, Liberté chose to focus her residency piece on “Piata Unirii” and her overall vision was to create a pedestrian style dance-piece using the aforementioned aspects of “Piata Unirii” and translating them into a movement sequence.




Tomie Seo

Residency period: 01.05-13.06.2019


“Stop and play” is a multimedia exhibition which includes graphics, object installation and a video which takes part from video project series called “Horizontal Arc” that connects individual existences within the relationship between permanence and temporality within the context of time and memory.


Vijay Patel

Residency period: 29.09-01.11.2019


“Arteries of the dead: a step towards disunity” is a multimedia exhibition which consists of a series of ceramics pieces and a food art event that explore and transgress three main and overlapping thematic
interdisciplinary areas: historical & political perspectives, collective memory and
inclusive practices.

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Juraj Florek

Residency period: 31.10-01.12.2019


“The Batman city” is a plein-air painting exhibition which redefines the space as a whole. The ingenious finding of an association with Batman (derived from the country brand of Dracula) can be seen ironically in the geographical-historical context of the city that does not claim its belonging to this myth, but also as an attempt to mythologize the space through a consumerist symbol (space that is validated by the spiritual-cultural landmarks).

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Martyna Benedyka

Residency period: 16.02-16.03.2020


“Rest here” A standing still. Dwelling on the beauty. Not accidental but intentional. Not only feeling it, but expressing it. How to express the true inner relationships between figures and objects. The art of between. The art of being neither art not nature, but both. Fragments that cut into our thoughts. The exactitude of the mark.

Dylan Jones

Residency period: 06.03-16.03.2020


Larissa Mellor

Residency period: 7-17.10.2022


Larissa Mellor’s artworks are the result of a research of her own identity, as well as of the space related to her lived experiences and artistic creations. The artist presents a series of installations that refer to the Infinity Column by the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, made from printed images of some traditional Romanian textile motifs, as well as a series of photographs showing the doilies and their shadows, which belonged to her grandmother.


Andre Rigatti

Residency period: 10-23.04.2022


The Brazilian artist and teacher Andre Rigatti incorporates in his abstract artworks Romanian political-social messages, as an expression of the identity that defines us as a people, the multi-layer technique being a metaphor of historical and cultural layers.

Emery Hall

Residency period:23.05-22.06.2022


The artist proposes to launch a project of a sculptural and installation nature entitled ‘Anamnesis’ that refers to the collective Romanian past involving its historical periods.

Xi Duan

Residency period: 25.09-25.10.2022


Thinking about the history of art, the exchange and collision of Chinese and Western cultures, and the application and performance of traditional art in contemporary society have always been Xi Duan’s thinking which reflects in his sculptures.

Theresa Martini & Roy Shternin

Residency period: 6-17.12.2022



A big part of the project is to research about Roi’s family history: his Jewish great-grandparents Anna and Leib Stein survived the pogroms in Roman by hiding in the woods and travelled to Israel after the war with their Romanian-born children Esthera and Isaak Stein. Their research is about Roi’s personal family history in Moldova, what it does to him to face it and present some kind of performative artwork to help heal the wounds of the past.

Ludmila Ketslakh

Residency period: 02-30.04.2023


The artist is interested in exploring in her photography project the conflict which has been ongoing between Romania and Russia for over a century, due to Russia’s strategic interests in the region conflicting with Romania’s goal of a unified pan-Romanian state.

Jan Kusnierak

Residency period: 17.03-20.04.2023


Jan’s project consisted in shooting a video about a public intervention which is a discrete action happening in a tram, during which he discretely drops small chess pieces together with a visit card in people’s bags and pockets. Afterwards, he waits to see if it leads to an interaction, if they send him a picture, a message, etc. He wants to transmit the tension between people in public spaces, especially in public transports.

John McGarity

Residency period: 02.05-11.06.2023


The work that John produces is largely situated within an evolving folklore. The components of visual iconography, pictorial representation, and symbology help inform communal allegory. His approach is one of inquiry into the common threads of parables and fables within culturally specific narratives. These localized perspectives yield unique ritual, dogma, and ethos within communities and tell the story of their collective experience. Through painting, video and multi-media installations, he collects, processes, and makes work around these ideas.

Christoforos Botsis

Residency period: 01.11-03.12.2023


The project contemplates on the nature of creativity itself, and it creates a visual experience out of the incoherent thoughts and trajectories an artist follows while working in the studio. The theme of atopy also relates to the essence of the artist, who always seems to be slightly off-kilter, going through life with their own unusual perspective that cannot be adequately put into words, yet it can be evoked through images.

Kees Ouwens & Carmen Jacobo

Residency period: 03-19.12.2023



The two artists’ project reflects upon the memory of materials generally speaking which is expressed in the ceramics installations that was made in collaboration with the students from Ceramics Department and also in the installation made from old objects found in an abandoned building from Iasi.