Studio Conversations with Ioana Palamar/ Ep.1/9

The first artist in the series is Ioana Palamar, who is an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design’s Painting Department, at “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași, where she also finished her BA and MA degrees and took her Ph.D. The start of Ioana’s artistic journey resided into a metaphysical restlessness, which made her pursue her own identity and (self)knowledge by transcending her own physical limits in order to search for some universal “truths”. Her work reveals a poetic meditation on the human spirit, demonstrating the intense emotion of the artist and the absorbing concept behind it. “Studio Conversations” features 9 Romanian artists: Ioana Palamar, Cătălin Bădărău, Lea Rasovszky, Ciprian Paleologu, Aurora Kiraly, Obie Platon, Bianca Man, Ştefan Radu Creţu, and Delia Călinescu (Zoiţa).

“Around the square” collective exhibition, James Madison University, Virginia, United States