Born in Rădăuți town, Suceava town, Romania on 19th of July 1989 and currently established in Iași town, Romania.

She graduaded  the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of George Enescu National Fine Arts University from Iași in 2016, were she is  now Assistant Lecturer.

Ioana Palamar is interested in exploring her memories since her childhood period and their strong influence upon her adulthood period. According to Sigmund Freud’s theories, mental processes and motivations are outside of our awareness and during our development they are pushed into the unconsciousness. Ioana is using art as a therapy in order to bring into her consciousness specific wounds that strongly affected her in the past so that she can heal them and gain afterwards a certain level of balance. She is interested in revealing these aspects by representing a series of eyes, portraits, but also distorted facial features which are a metaphor of her moral structure that needs to be harmonized. The short series of “Flayed animals” artworks completes this idea, by bringing to light the unseen which is beyond “flesh”. Thus, she developed her interest in searching for her own identity and for (self-)knowledge, by transcending her own physical limits in order to  discover some inner truths and to find herself. Once a specific spiritual level is reached, a big price has been payed: loneliness, which can degrade the human soul sometimes. The spiritual balance can be reached by gaining a peaceful state of mind she is craving for and the connection with the others can make this possible. She is exploring this complex concept by using mixed techniques on various materials which offer her a great freedom of expression.


Dan Hatmanu National Scholarship

Date: 1st of July 2019-1st July 2020

Location: Iasi


Bienala internațională Ion Andreescu

Date: septembrie

Location: Buzău

Proiect Galeria Personală

Date: iunie

Location: Proiect online

expozitie on-line, curator Adrian Crismaru


Atelier 35

Date: April

Location: Nicolae Tonitza Art Gallery, Iasi.


Date: May

Location: Balș House”, Iasi

Silver medal, Euroinvent Exhibition


Location: Balș House, Iași



Mensch&Wasser Exhibition

Date: 09th -11th of February

Location: ,,Crossartˮ Association, Alfeld, Germany.

D’E.M. Venice

Date: April

Location: Art Gallery,Venice.

Atelier 35

Date: April

Location: Exhibition, ,,N.Tonitza” and ,,Th. Pallady” Art Galleries, Iași.


Austellung der Werke der Artist-in-Residence-Stipendiaten aus den Jahren 2015 & 2016

Date: 2nd of February - 2nd of April

Location: Art Exhibition, Art Museum, Hersbruck, Germany.

Inner Shadows

Date: 22rd of September - 4th of October

Location: Painting Exhibition, ,,Aparte" Gallery, ,,George Enescu" National Fine Arts University, Iaşi.

Expresii interiorizate

Date: 28th of November - 30th of December

Location: Mihai Ursachi" House of Culture, Iaşi.

Expresii ale eului

Date: August

Location: Painting Exhibition, Art Galleries, Rădăuţi.

Trecut – Prezent – Viitor, Arte Vizuale la Iași

Date: 16th of November 2016 - 16th of January 2017

Location: Art Exhibition, ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iași.

Atelier 35

Date: 1st-20th of April

Location: Art Exhibition, ,,Theodor Pallady" Art Gallery, Iași.

Erotica 2017

Date: 20th of April - 10th of May

Location: Art Exhibition, 8th Edition, ,,Theodor Pallady", ,,Nicolae Tonitza" and ,,Muzeul Unirii" Art Galleries, Iași.

Saloanele Naționale de Artă Temeiuri 2017

Date: 1st of May - 1stof June

Location: Art Exhibition, ,,Constantin Brâncuși" Art Gallery, București.

Simeza ieșeană

Date: 15th of May– 15th of June

Location: Art Exhibition, Education International Festival, ,,Theodor Pallady" and ,,Nicolae Tonitza" Art Galleries, Iași.

Education International Festival

Date: May

Location: ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iași.

Salonul Național de Plastică Mică

Date: 3rd of June – 19th of July

Location: Art Exhibition, 18th Edition, Brăila.

Saloanele Moldovei

Date: August-September

Location: Art Exhibition, 27th Edition,,,Constantin Brâncuși" Gallery,Chișinău, Art Museum, ,,Frunzetti” Galleries, ,,George Apostu" Contemporary Art Museum, Bacău.

Grafica românească

Date: 25th of October- 6th of November

Location: Exhibition, București.


Date: October

Location: Exhibition, Iaşi.

De la Erasmus la Erasmus+. O poveste de 30 de ani

Date: 24thof November - 11th of December

Location: Exhibition, ,,Pod Pogor Fiul" Gallery, ,,Vasile Pogor" Museum, Iași.


Ausstellung work & women

Date: February - November

Location: Art Exhibition, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany.

Aprofundarea sinelui

Date: 01st of June - 01st of July

Location: Painting Exhibition, Teatru Fix, Iaşi.

Aprofundarea sinelui

Date: 29th of November - 17th of December

Location: Painting Exhibition, ,,Mihai Ursachi" House of Culture, Iași.

Ansichten des Ichs

Date: 14th of January - 14th of February

Location: Art Exhibition, Kult 41, Bonn, Germany.

Art. Viziuni contemporane 2016

Date: April

Location: International Exhibition, ,,Arte Reciclări Terapii Educații" International Festival, 6. Edition, ,,Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi.

Atelier 35

Date: April

Location: Exhibition, ,,NicolaeTonitzaˮ and ,,Theodor Palladyˮ Galleries, Iași.

Street Delivery

Date: 10th,11th,12th of June

Location: Art Project, ,,Pogor" House of culture, Iaşi.


Date: June

Location: International Art Contest, 6th Edition, 2016, Iași.


Date: July

Location: International Festival, ,,Art. Viziuni Contemporane 2016", Iași.

Gheorghe Petrașcu Art Biennal – Contest

Date: 21th of November - 31st of January

Location: 13th Edition, Târgoviște.

Ion Andreescu

Date: October – November

Location: International Art Biennal, 10th Edition, Buzău.


Date: October

Location: Art Exhibition, ,,Theodor Pallady" and ,,Nicolae Tonitza" Galleries, Iași.


Date: October

Location: exhibition, ,,Brâncuşi" Gallery, House of Parliament, București.


Eröffnungsaustellung Die Kunststation

Date: 14th of November

Location: Art Exhibition, Bonn, Germany

Mostra Internationale Intorino Art Gallery

Date: 21st of February - 20th of March

Location: Art Exhibition, Torino, Italy.


Veliko Tarnovo

Date: 22nd of October - 15th of November

Location: International Art Biennale , Bulgaria